• Who are we and what we are doing?

    For the effectiveness of the International Development in term of Development Cooperation, Post – Conflict Development, and Food Security in Southeast Asia particularly in CLMV Countries through academic cooperation.


    Working in the international level researches particularly in the field of international development in CLMV countries for years, they decided to launch an NIDC organization in an attempt to use it as a platform for academic cooperation between practitioners, scholars, and academic researchers. This network for international development would affiliate in a knowledge sharing process in order to make an establishment of Thailand as a venue for international scholarly exchange and academic networking among renowned scholars all around the world, particularly those who are interested in CLMV countries.


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    The vision of the NIDC research cooperative and sharing network, with a focus on the fields of international development particularly in Development Cooperation, Post – Conflict Development, and Food Security in CLMV countries, is:

    • A culture of open and collaborative research and knowledge sharing between scholars, practitioners, and policy makers as a foundation of peaceful, sustainable, and fair international development in CLMV countries
    • The production with a reflexive, ethical, truthful, and beneficial scholarly research by scholars and researchers within Southeast Asia toward the international development in CLMV countries
    • An active, accurate, and empowered network of scholars with a constructive relationship with policy makers, practitioners, and society in Southeast Asia particularly in CLMV countries

    For the details of activities and programs carried out under the NIDC network, please visit “EVENT” in this website.

  • Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board of the NIDC Network advocates the oversight, network strategy setting, and the connection to the wide range of institutions in Southeast Asia and much more. The meeting will be held once a year for any major and important discussion regarding activities, directions, and the carry out of the network.

    The members of the NIDC Advisory Board are as follows:

    advisory1 kim

    Mr. Kim Mcquay

    The Asia Foundation





    Assoc.Prof.Dr. Isara Santisat

    Thailand Research Fund (TRF)

    advisory3 banchong

    Mr. Banchong Amornchewin

    Thailand International Development
    Cooperation Agency (TICA)

    advisory4 perames

    Mr. Perames Vudthitornetiraks

    Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (NEDA)

  • Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is composed of researchers and scholars from the prestigious universities in Thailand who join as part of the NIDC Network. The committee convenes for regular meetings to coordinate the network’s activities, set strategy for network expansion, outreach and organize the annual NIDC conference.

    The members of the Executive Committee are as follows:

    executive committee1 siriporn

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siriporn Wajjwalku

    Faculty of Political Science,
    Thammasat University

    executive committee2 phakpoom

    Dr. Phakpoom Tippakoon

    College of Interdisciplinary Studies,
    Thammasat University

    Fang Studio Aug13

    Ms. Chirada Na Suwan

    School of Social Innovation,

    Mae Fah Luang University




  • Secretariat

    The Secretariat of the NIDC Network is currently located at the Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University. It facilitates communication between stakeholders, organizes and documents progress meetings, ad coordinates various activities under NIDC.

    The members of the Secretariat are as follows:


    Ms.Kanitha  Maungkrong

     10271579 653777554738215 3847471348957754877 n

    Ms. Warapan Jantapoon

    secretariat darunee

    Ms. Darunee Youyoung





  • Contact Us


    Room No. 603, 6th Floor, Faculty of Political Science,
    Thammasat University, bangkok 10200


    +66 (0)2 223 3459


    +66 (0)2 223 3459




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