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CCPR Forum 1/2015: Crisis Management: Shared experiences and lesson learned between Japan and Thailand

When: 10 August 2015 | 09:00 - 16:00

Where: 12th Fl. Chongnonsri Room. Eastin Grand Sathorn Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


Recently the world has witnessed more frequent and severer natural disasters globally, causing huge loss of lives, large scale of destruction and devastation. In 2011, it was a remarkable year for both Japan and Thailand due to the Great Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan as well as the severest flood in Thailand.  To manage the crisis caused by natural disaster is very crucial because it is about the activities or plans for real-time response which the operation must be quick in order to save lives, mitigate the potential damages and impacts of the disaster, and bring people and society back to normal lives as soon as possible.  In principle, there are 6 steps for crisis management, namely response, recovery, reconstruction, prevention, mitigation, and preparedness. Each step comprises of several issues; such as, physical injury and management, evacuation and sheltering, public-private-people partnership for crisis management, humanitarian assistance, and public liability in disaster management, and etc. In order to implement the tasks of crisis management, each step involves several actors and stakeholders, including governmental institutions of central and local levels, IOs, INGOs, private sector, as well as communities.  Obviously, all above issues are related to a number of sciences and fields of studies; therefore, multidisciplinary collaborative approach is appropriated to be applied to understand the complicated situation and facilitate the re-design of structure and mechanism responding to the next crisis, if it is going to happen.

The workshop titled “Crisis Management: Shared experiences and lesson learned between Japan and Thailand” is aimed to provide the forum for scholars, policy makers as well as people involved in or affected by the crisis caused by disasters in Japan and Thailand in 2011 to share their experiences and draw lesson learned for the better future preparation.



$11.      To provide a forum for all actors and stakeholders to share their knowledge and experiences on crisis management

$12.      To develop and enhance body of knowledge on crisis management, particularly the crisis caused by natural disasters.

$13.      To draw the lesson learned from both Japanese andThailand’s experiences on crisis management

$14.      To reconsider and redesign the existing structures, mechanism, and institutional arrangement at the country level (Japan and Thailand) and promote the regional cooperation on this issue (ASEAN).



Organizer and partners


$11.      Coordinating Center for Policy Research (CCPR)


$12.      Thailand Research Fund (TRF)


$13.      Thammasat University (Faculty of Political Science)



Tentative schedule  




  8:30 -  9:00                Register


  9:00 -  9:15                Opening ceremony


                                    Report by CCPR Coordinator


                                    Opening speech by TRF’s Representative


                                    Public seminar : Moderator by Dr.Tavida  Kamolvej


                                    “Disaster and Resiliency: How we responded, what we learned, and


                                    how we prepare for the Future: Comparative perspectives


  9:15 -  9:35                Prof.Date Hironori (Ryukoku University)


  9:35 – 9:55                Prof.Okubo Noriko (Osaka University)


  9:55 - 10:15               Ms. Otsuka Tomoko (Ishimomaki Support Group)


10:15 - 10:35               Dr. Wanwalee Inpin (Mae Fah Laung University)


10:35 - 10:55               Q & A


10:55 -11:10                Break


                                    Papers Presentation : Moderator by Dr.Siriporn Wajjwaku


11:10 -11:30                “A study on emergency shelter management in Pathumthani and


                                    Nonthaburi”  by  Dr. Nidthaya  Vajjnaphoom




11:30 -11:50                Q & A


11:50 -12:10                “Public-private-people partnership (4Ps) in Solid Waste Management


                                    During massive flood crisis in Thailand : Case studies in Ayutthaya


                                    province and Bangkok” by Dr. Soparat  Jarusombat


12:10 -12:30                Q & A


13:30 -13:50                “Public liability for natural disaster : The comparative studies between      


                                    Japan and Thailand”  by Mr. Charnwit Chaican


13:50 -14:10                Q & A


14:10 -14:30                     “The institutional arrangement for international humanitarian


                                    assistance operation (Provision, reception, and distribution) : The


                                    comparative studies between Japan and Thailand”  by  Dr. Siriporn




14:30 -14:50                Q & A


14:50 -15:10                “Musculoskeletal injury and management of the elderly, handicapped,


                                    and vulnerable individuals”  by  Dr. Patcharee   Kooncamchoo


15:10 -15:30                Q & A


15:30 -16:00                General discussion


16:00 – 16:10              Closing ceremony


16:10                           Break



Please reserve a seat by email to: sirinthip.narin@gmail.com







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