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NIDC Forum 1/2015 : Asian Providers and South – South Cooperation : Indicators and Impact Assessment

When: 08 May 2015 | 09:00 - 17:00

Where: The Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn, Bangkok (Chongnonsi, 12th Floor)


As known, while the amount of aid provided by OECD-DAC members is declining, the amount of aid provided by           non-traditional donors is increasing recently.  For those non-traditional donors, particularly the Asian Providers,           due to their experiences of being recipients earlier as well as their policy ’s objective and expertise, they have           their own way of aid delivery, which is different from those of traditional donors.


At the same time, South-South Cooperation (S-S-C) becomes an important scheme in supporting and strengthening the development cooperation, particularly among developing countries recently.  It is noted that the Asian Providers also play active roles in the South-South Cooperation.  Therefore, it is important to understand the change and progress of Asian providers as well as to measure their impacts to South-South Cooperation.


Base on this situation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) becomes a key issue.  To conduct M&E, indicators are vital and they should have been designed to reflect the comprehensive and complication of the issue.

The NIDC Workshop on Development of M&E for South – South - Cooperation is aiming to study and develop indicators for M&E of the Southern Providers, particularly those in Asia (Asian Provider) by studying the country-bilateral partnership between Thailand and CLMV, and identify the “BEST PRACTICE” of Thailand’s development cooperation (policy and practice) in those countries.  The developing partners’ perspectives on partnership, achievement, satisfaction, and sustainability, will be highly considered, which will differentiate this study from the former ones that were conducted based on traditional providers’ perspectives.




1.     To understand Thailand’s “Best Practice” of development cooperation policy and practice in CLMV

2.   To draw the indicators of M&E for Southern Providers, particularly Asian Providers, based on the research results which are experiences of “country-bilateral partnership”



1.     Researchers from CLMV present the research results.

2.     Comments and discussion by discussants (researchers and practitioners).

3.     Paper preparations for academic conference and policy forums.



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