Aid Coordination

The International Nongovernmental Development Organization and Aid Coordination for Youth in Myanmar
New development thinking has complemented the traditional approach by creating more venues for non-state actors to get involved. As development aids become a multi- actor process, it is more complex to understand both the institutionalized and ad hoc nature of the relationships among these actors especially those operating internationally. Under human resource development theme, young people are targeted as the main beneficiary as well as the active participants in development assistances via international non-governmental organizations (iNGOs). However, limited information about their organization structures, the relationship and coordination arrangements with government-led aid agencies and other donors prevent us from understanding their contribution in eliminating the duplication of efforts and rationalizing donor activities for cost-effective results. Especially those that channel financial supports and technical assistances to youth in Myanmar, country overwhelmed with the influx of development actors and businesses alike since 2011 as it attempts all sector reforms whilst progressing toward stability and democratic regime. This research proposes the mapping of donor community in Myanmar youth sector and provides information about iNGOs’ institutional arrangements that show how different actors interact, include and relate to each other in a coordinated manner, and what strengths and weaknesses the coordination arrangements of these iNGOs might hold. Information on issues related to the organization and management of aid coordination activities will be derived from the semi-structured interviews follow-up with self-completion questionnaire with 3 internationally organized and internationally active nongovernmental development aid organizations providing funding, capacity building, and other technical assistances for youth in Myanmar (Save the Children, IFRC-MRCS, Oxfam).
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