Aid and Democratization in post conflict country

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The role of aid in fragile of failing or failed states, or in conflict and post-conflict environments, has become a significant area for practice and study. This has begun in 1990s but took on new urgency and new meaning after 2001. Aid is being used in the transition to peace and democracy. In addition, aid also can be used for the establishment or re-establishment of state institutions, macro-economic policy and mechanism, and the restoration of livelihood in longer term.

However, the complexities of aid provision in these contexts should not be underestimated, particularly where political instability persists and power shifts constantly at many levels. While the core idea is the relationship between nation-building, state-building, and peace-building, different donors will take a range of different approaches to such problematic contexts; for example, a peace, human security, and basic needs approach, or an economic development and good governance approach, or a global security approach.

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in Asia and relies heavily on aid from development partners for its social and economic development programs. In addition, as a post-conflict state, while the democratization process is continuing, the country is in need of human resources, government organizations, standard rules and regulations, as well as institutions and norms, as infrastructure for strong and stable development of the country.

It is interesting to understand the relations between aid, democratization, and nation-building in this post-conflict country. As traditional donors, the EU’s and Japan’s aid projects related to democratization process are examined. The study focuses on 3 dimensions of democracy, namely participatory, governance, and gender equality. 


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