Institutional arrangement and aid effectiveness

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CLMV is the region among others where the poverty problem has been explicitly existed. Following its aim of regional integration, ASEAN of which CLMV are members, has tried to achieve ASEAN Economic Community by 2015, and therefore, the development of these four countries is necessary in order to lessen the gap among members. For this aim, development assistance plays an essential role.
Japan and Thailand are two important development partners of this region. Although they have been sharing the same objectivities of aid provision to CLMV, both countries apply the different approaches, modalities, and practices of aid delivery.
The purpose of this research is to study the institutional arrangement and aid effectiveness of Japan, the traditional donor and a member of OECD-DAC, and Thailand, an emerging donor and a non OECD-DAC member, in terms of their aid provision and aid effectiveness in CLMV. In this regard, the concepts of “Institutionalism”, “Sustainable Development”, “Development Assistance”, and “Aid Effectiveness” will be applied as research frameworks to conduct the study and explain the findings.


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