A study on Effectiveness of Thailand’s Development Cooperation Projects in Laos: The case study of TICA’s assistance for education sector in Lao PDR

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     This research focuses on M&E of TICA’s cooperation projects in the education sector in Laos. This study will contribute to improved understanding of South-South Cooperation effectiveness which is critically important yet under-studied. Precisely, three aspects of South-South Cooperation relations need to be understood in order to develop an appropriate monitoring and evaluation framework for South-South Cooperation initiatives.  Those three aspects are the nature of partnership, the objectives of the initiatives, and the outcomes. Some critical questions should be asked as guidelines; such as, what factors underpin the relationship between two countries or two south-south cooperation partners?; what are objectives of assistance initiatives and the priority among them if there are more than one?; what are intended and unintended outcomes and how to manage or appreciate them? 
     This research is the second phase of the project studying TICA’s assistance to education sector in Lao PDR. The first phase focused on ICT education while this second phase will cover other 11 projects including secondary education, technical education, higher education, and specialized education (agriculture, sport, and art). The understanding of Thailand’s development cooperation policy and its aid process will help to enhance the knowledge of South – South Cooperation and its aid scheme, as well as to provide ideas for M & E indicators for aid effectiveness of South – South Cooperation.  


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