Aid Coordination in education sector in Laos

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This study has two objectives as follows:
• What are the past development process and current aid coordination in education sector of Laos?
> To identify the historical overview of aid coordination among selected donors as well as NGOs in education sector of Laos. The selected donors are Australia, Japan, UNICEF, UNESCO, while NGOs include SCI (Save the Children International, Australia), MESOAC (Medical and Education Support Organization Association, Japan) LEOT (Lao Education Opportunity Trust, United Kingdom)
• To what extent TICA has involved the schemes of aid coordination with MOES and other donors as well as NGOs in the education sector in Lao PDR?
> To identify the characteristics and challenges of TICA's aid coordination with MOES and other donors and NGOs in the educational management projects in Lao PDR.
• To what extent TICA has been affected by MOES ownership and other donors' / NGOs' experience on the project implementations?
> To find out the lessoned learns that TICA has obtained from MOES and other donors / NGOs and feedback to their projects.


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