Determinants for the success of development assistance in Vietnam: Case studies of South Korea and Thailand

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     KOICA and TICA are the two international cooperation agencies carrying out the ODA program for developing countries of Korea and Thailand respectively. In the Asia-Pacific, Vietnam is the one who received the most aid (KRW 29.5 billion) from KOICA, accounting for 13% of the total disbursement for the region (KOICA, 2013). In contrast, until now Vietnam is not a big ODA receiver from TICA in comparison with Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Despite differences, activities of both agencies in Vietnam are regarded as efficient and successful. KOICA's support for improved training of Vietnamese legal personnel (2008-2012/USD 3 million; 2013-2015/ USD 9.5 million) has contributed to establish a transparent and effective legal system in Vietnam. Meanwhile, TICA's projects of technical cooperation (2010-2013), establishment of Thai Language Development Center in some Vietnamese universities, granting of scholarships, procurement of books and learning material have considerably supported the human resource development in Vietnam
     Evaluating ODA from South Korea and Thailand to Vietnam, focusing on their best practices, is therefore of great importance for promoting the effectiveness of development aid in Vietnam. However, it should be noted that even a successful case or best practice still has certain shortcomings. Thus, besides identifying the determinants for success, which is the main focus, the authors also point out aspects that can be improved, aiming at providing lessons for further South-South aid cooperation.


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