VDO Archive

Throughout the year, NIDC Network will gather information about workshops, seminar, lecture, as well as conferences, which would be arranged by several organizations both within the country and abroad, and participated by the practitioners, policy makers, and scholars. The news release and multi-media will be main channels to for those who are interested in the issue to share idea, exchange knowledge and information in the field of International Development Cooperation. All the activities would be listed and attached with details as illustrated below;  

New Release

Throughout the year, a large number of seminar, conference, lecture, as well as workshop related to international development cooperation, emerging donors, food security, post-conflict development and South-South Cooperation, are conducted by several organizations including IOs, NGOs, and universities. NIDC News Release will gather information related to those issues and upload on the NIDC website for those who are interested in the subject are able to access and download. 



Recently, most of events organized by IOs or INGOs use multi-media for PR and dissemination. This includes pictures, posters, and VDO. Throughout the year, NIDC will gather all those media from other organizations which conduct activities related to international development cooperation in forms of seminar, lecture, workshop, and conference, and upload on NIDC website for those who are interested in the subject matter are able to access and download.




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